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I have worked many years for private and public programs geared to work with the developmentally disabled population.  I believe this school’s comprehensive therapeutic approach in teaching all aspects of the student is ideal.  Students will be challenged at their academic levels within a structured and nurturing environment that will develop their social and emotional growth.  Students will be given a wide range of opportunities within the community to prepare for their transition to adulthood. Most amazingly, this school will support them in adulthood to continue striving to be productive members of society.

Carmen Fernandez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Finally! A program that is teaching people with developmental disabilities the specific skills that  will help them lead productive and independent lives from birth to adulthood. Our kids can now grow in a nurturing environment that treats all individuals with the dignity and respect that all citizens deserve. Kudos to the courageous parents embarking on this noble endeavor!

Dr. Angel Rodriguez, School Principal & Parent of an OPA Student


I am very excited about the opening of Our PRIDE Academy.  Our community needs a school that embraces people with special needs and provides quality education that helps people overcome their challenges. I look forward to seeing the positive life changes this program will bring students and their families.

Dr. Jiliann De Villiers, Principal & Psychologist – Schoolhouse Preparatory


As a former certified teacher, I recognize the challenges that our special needs students face in receiving a well-rounded general education. Parents and students need to be reassured that we will support them in their educational pursuits, and Our PRIDE Academy helps accomplish this. I encourage parents to take interest in this exciting opportunity.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Member of Congress


Every day I witness the impacts that life’s challenges bring to families throughout our county. And for those that face the responsibilities of obtaining the best possible future for their children with intellectual challenges, that task is daunting indeed.  Yes, those families experience the special joys of seeing their children often defy the artificial limits that society imposes…and unfortunately those same families also experience the frustration of knowing that the resources they need to best support their children are often lacking or even nonexistent.  That is why I am so impressed with the creation of “Our Pride Academy”.  Finally, a  place that will encourage its students to excel at academics, the arts and sports; excel without excuses; excel with respect; excel with the full engagement of its entire family.  The example that this school will provide can not only serve those that are fortunate enough to be a part of its own family, but those that will learn of its philosophy and best practices…thus ultimately improving the lives of all of us in Miami through its leadership example!

Harve A. Mogul, PhD – President and CEO United Way of Miami-Dade and parent of an OPA student